About Us

In 2020, we set out to build a communication platform like no other.
Empowered by our CEO’s passion, we built YOOTOK.

YOOTOK combines the best aspects of solutions
available for individuals and teams severally into one platform.
YOOTOK doesn’t require any specialized equipment
or technical knowledge.

Our Values

01 Customer service

We delight our customers by delivering exceptional results

02 Diversity

We celebrate the diversity of our employees & customers

03 Teamwork

Together we are stronger. We work as one team to the benefit of all.

04 Innovation

We embrace ideas, experimentation and continuous improvement.

05 Integrity

We are honest, open and fair.

06 Quality

We aim to provide and maintain premium service and performance.

07 Results driven

We challenge ourselves, innovate, think beyond conventions in everything.

08 Respect

We respect others and take responsibility and do our best to build mutual trust.

09 Lifelong learning

We encourage growth and the relentless quest for knowledge