Slovenia SIP Trunk

Get a Slovenia SIP trunk from a leading provider. Excellent voice quality. Low termination rates.

Slovenia SIP Trunk

All you’d expect from a SIP Trunk

Works with your existing    business phone system

Low setup costs

Works with your existing business phone system

You can use our SIP trunks with your existing phone system. Simply connect a VoIP gateway to your PBX and you’re good to go. Setup takes less than 20 minutes.


Can scale up (or down) With your business’s needs

Our SIP trunking service can scale with your business’s needs. You can get additional numbers and channels for your phone system business on our online portal.

Can scale up (or down)    With your business’s needs
Reduces your monthly bills by up to 60%

Cost Savings

Reduces your monthly
bills by up to 60%

SIP Trunks can help reduce your business’s monthly telephone bills. SIP Trunks help you bypass the exorbitant rates charged by major operators for local and international calls.

Buy your Slovenia SIP trunk online today..

Reduce your telecoms bills by up to 50%.

Why choose Yootok for your SIP Trunk

We operate in 170+ countries
99.9% uptime in all markets
Very good voice quality in all markets
Usage-based billing option available
Up to 60% cheaper than local telecoms providers
You can scale up or down with a few clicks
Easy to use dashboards
Secure payment portals
Call Analytics
Multilingual Support (English, French and German)
Guided setup and troubleshooting
Cancel at any time

Slovenia SIP Trunk Features

Standard features

PBX compatibility
One DID number
Four channels included
Caller ID
Very good voice quality In all markets.
Concurrent calling
Month to month contracts avaialble
Low rates for International calls
Low rates for local calls.
Real time data records
Advanced user permissions
Free number porting

Features you can add on later

Additional channels
Additional numbers
Call forwarding

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